Data Management Services

MBims is rapidly becoming an industry leader in data entry, data processing, data conversion and data management services. Our state-of-the-art data management system was developed with efficiency, emerging technology, and accuracy in mind. It provides us with the flexibility, scalability and versatility to develop, implement, and manage programs extremely quickly. This experience has provided us with the capability to quickly set up and produce jobs that might otherwise require sophisticated editing or formatting. We use proven, cost-effective methodology and business processes that give consistent, accurate, and repeatable results for all types of data and information management projects, including;

● Survey & Questionnaire Forms

● Enrollment Forms

● Product/Warranty Registrations

● Rewards Program

● Product Order Forms

● Invoice Forms

● Rebate Forms

● Inquiry/Interest Forms

● Health Care Studies

● Insurance Claim Forms

● Health Claims Processing

● Mailing List Management

Partner with MBims to manage your Claims Processing for faster claims, faster responses, and cost effective results