Scope of Service

What activities can I move out of my office?

Most activities related to the input, review, reconciliation and correction of data for billing and reporting purposes can be eliminated. Additionally, personnel issues related to hiring, firing, training, supervision, sick leave, etc. can be reduced since employees who would have been added to your staff are now on our staff.

Do I give up control of my data?

A fundamental principle of the services offered by MBIMS is that you should have direct access to your actual data. You can add to and edit your data in real time and immediately print reports reflecting the changes.

How much time can I save by outsourcing administrative services?

In addition to the time saved on data entry and the time consuming resolution of database problems, there are indirect time savings related to supervision, hiring, training, as well as the time it takes to stay abreast of the changing capabilities of your portfolio management software. None of these time consumers bring in an additional nickel of revenue. MBIMS creates an environment that enables most advisers to radically increase time spent on their highest payoff activities - marketing, client service and portfolio management.