What costs can I avoid by outsourcing administrative activities?

Certainly the salary costs of the employee(s) doing the work can be eliminated. The actual cost of administrative staff, however, goes well beyond that. Less obvious costs include the cost of sick leave, maternity leave, workman's comp, or retirement plans and the costs associated with extra staff office space, furniture and equipment. As significant as the direct costs, however, is value of the time which is freed up for high payoff activities such as marketing, client service and portfolio management. Time spent on training new staff, supervising staff and learning about updated features of the software can also be redirected.

What is the cost of your service?

Based on factors that have a direct bearing on your administrative requirements, we will propose fixed costs to meet your needs. In addition to establishing a known operational cost, you can operate your business from a unique perspective - the operational cost will increase only as fast as new clients are added and there will be an immediate decrease in operational cost upon the loss of any client.

Are my costs fixed or variable based on number of Clients? Accounts? Transactions? Hours worked?

The primary services provided by MBIMS are provided on a fixed cost basis. Additional services that may vary significantly from month to month are billed on an hourly basis. Factors taken into account in determining the billing rate include, number of accounts, transaction activity, size of portfolios, as well as the custodians used for electronic downloads.