Cultures and Values

MBims has developed a corporate culture driven by employee empowerment. If one of our staff determines a better, quicker or more efficient way to manage or implement a process, we listen. By having those that are intimate with our projects provide direct feedback we can make process improvements in our programs, services, and organizations that will make us a better, smoother running, more efficient company. As you can see, EFFICIENCY is what we are all about.

That’s why we say; “Leverage our Efficiency”


MBims realizes we effect more than ourselves. This is why we recognize five stakeholders; employees, clients, vendors, community, and ownership and equally provide value to each arena. By focusing our efforts at meeting the needs of all five stakeholders equally we can view and value our employees and ownership with the same value as our clients, vendors and community at large. This enables us to value and service each area with respect, diligence, and commitment.